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Our Story

Developed in the mountains of Far North Queensland, Australia – by riders, for riders

About Us

LumbaJack Racewear is a unique BMX, Mountain Biking and Motocross racewear brand. Whether you’re cruising around on the weekend or pinning it at a race meet, LumbaJack Racewear will ensure that you #standoutfromtherest. As the name suggests, LumbaJack is for people who work hard and are determined to push things to the limit in the extreme outdoors! LumbaJack gear is made from only the highest quality materials, with our manufacturing processes leading the industry for durability, comfort and style. Our jerseys come in a range of colours that hit the mark in helping you make your mark! LumbaJack has joined forces with one of America’s best handmade BMX race frame teams and are setting the BMX scenes alive in Australia with the Factory “LumbaJack Ssquared” Australia race team. When you get into LumbaJack Racewear, you can be sure that you will #standoutfromtherest

How it all began

Like so many kids, the school holidays is a time to relax, spend time with friends and of course grow. A young Bryce Stroud did exactly that and when getting ready to go racing for the first time that year, he found his jersey’s no longer fit,  4″ to short in the sleeves and extremely tight across the chest and shoulders. Not only that, his race pants didn’t do up around the waist and came halfway up his shins. Always one not to miss a track session, he pulled on his favourite flanny, a pair of jeans and headed to the track. Finding this style not only comfortable, he very quickly was a #standoutfromtherest. Residing on the Tablelands of Far North Queensland, travelling down to the coast and further south to race and train, he quickly earned the reputation of “The LumbaJack”. Not only for the way he dressed but for his extremely dedicated and hard work ethic, determination and friendly personality. The rest, as they say is history, LumbaJack Racewear was born.